Leila wants to be free

Leila is a single mum with four children living in an insanitary flat, in Nice, since 2002. She originally comes from Tunisia and moved to France more than twenty years ago. She has been since then trying to free herself from the pressure of her family, the physical and moral harassment of her ex husbands, and tried to get a social flat as well as the french nationality for herself and her children born in France. So far every attempt to improve her daily life has failed: the date at which she will receive her flat keeps being postponed, no doctors will help her in her fight to unveil the lead poisoning she and her children are victims of because of the piping of the flat, her ex husband still chases her and her family refuses to acknowledge her divorce…
And her courage is slipping away with time as she is losing hope and the desire to fight. This project has been an attempt at giving Leila a chance to express herself and show her day to day life, as well as acknowledging her plight in the hope that it would be heard.

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