Patient Grace

Behind Maindee Street there is a barely noticeable building that has been here for a hundred years and has always served as a gospel group-meeting place. It was created by Christians who felt that the different churches in the city did not offer a teaching they considered close enough to the bible.

A hundred years ago it was a sunday school for girls welcoming 300 students. Over the years the number of people attending the meetings of Maindee Gospel group has severely diminished but for those who remain the belief in a strict teaching is still very present and has motivated their choice to join that group rather than one of the many churches present in the neighborhood.

The meetings now take place in the back room of the building where ten regulars meet three times a week. They share a very literal understanding of the scriptures and they try to live their lives as close to the teaching of the bible as they possibly can. The strongest belief that those people share is that they are not good enough, as human beings, for God and therefore they pray for his forgiveness and patience. Born and raised in that belief most of them are now burdened people sharing a feeling of guilt and shame.

This project has been an attempt at capturing the atmosphere of this place and the feelings of the people who gather in it. The fear of God, the waiting, the loneliness and burdening that is so present in them as well as a shared disdain for a world they consider Godless and from which this small room is a refuge.

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