Malika is a french photographer currently based in Valenciennes, northern France, after completing her studies in 2011 on the prestigious documentary photography course at Newport University.

During her studies she has become recognised as a documentor of social issues across Europe with her interests lying in the plight of refugees and immigrants who are seeking to escape the hardships of their homelands in the hope of a more stable existence.

Her approach in practice is a reflection of her personal feelings for the people she photographs. It is her desire that she should not dramatise the lives of her subjects but rather chooses to apply a gentle and considered view of what she observes.

Her inquisitive nature drives her forward in the creation of personal work and although the direction of the project might change, her intention remains the same: to communicate to the viewer the lives of the people she encounters.

She also currently works as a mentor in the association SOS Children’s villages.

text and image by D. Lewis

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