New documentary

The documentary “La vie en rose” is now live on the website. It relates the story of Claudette, a happy hermaphrodite prostitute whom I have followed for two years. The documentary tries to give her a voice to express herself on her work and gender, as well as show that differences are not only a source of suffering. Claudette has endured her whole life quick judgements from people basing their opinions solely on her work or her gender. Here she can show that she is a person above all else, with convictions, passions, a family and friends, and that neither her work or her gender can define her. It has been a privilege to get to know her for this project, to learn from how she sees the world and to confront some preconceived ideas to her truth.

The introduction text to this project may seem long but I encourage every person with an interest in this subject to read it before looking at the images. Sex work end gender issues are complex and the images on their own will not be able to successfully say all there is to say on the subject.


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