The website is now updated with the pictures taken in Greece for « The waiting rooms of Europe » project. This documentary is now getting to an end, and I am currently developing it as a book and as a multimedia essay.

I will be in Arles from the 4th of July to present this project during the portfolio reviews.

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I am currently in Athens working on “the waiting rooms of Europe” project, Greece being one of the key destination for immigrants trying to reach Europe. The situation in Athens is extremely problematic, especially since the economical crisis that struck the country, raising the unemployment rates and making it almost impossible for immigrants to find a stable position in the country.

The pictures produced during this trip will be added to the website in a few weeks.

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Notta Biance

September 2010:

Part of the work made in Malta was exhibited in Valetta, during the cultural festival of Notta Biance, a cultural event occuring every year.

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Third Floor Gallery

May 2010

The project “Patient Grace” was exhibited in “The third floor Gallery”, in Cardiff, as part of a group exhibition of work produced in Wales.

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Ceuta Siglo XXI

March 2011:

« The waiting rooms of Europe » project was published in “Ceuta Siglo XXI”, a magazine in Ceuta that wanted to compare the immigration situation in Malta and in their local area. I considered important for the project to be seen where it had been done, in order for the refugees’s plight to be heard by those with whom they live, and also to unable the people of Ceuta to realize that their issue is part of a global problem and is not simply local.

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El Faro

January 2011

I was interviewed for the newspaper “El Faro” in Ceuta. It was a good opportunity to say what I thought about the situation for immigrants in Malta and in Ceuta and relay the plights of the immigrants I had met. I repeated there what I think of the situation: that you accept or deny them entry in Europe does not matter as much as making sure you take that decision clearly and quickly, to avoid wasting years of those people’s lives pointlessly.

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… to my brand new web site!

I hope you’ll enjoy the projects which are displayed on it, do not hesitate to send me emails if you have questions or just comments, and i’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

I will soon be in Greece to continue the “Waiting Rooms of Europe” project, so look at this one as what it is: work in progress!

thanks and hopefully see you soon!

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